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  • 07 Jun, 2015
‘Since Goliad Dental tends to get a lot of regular patients who stay with us for years and years, we like to pay attention to their teeth over the course of our professional relationship—if you’ve been coming to Goliad Dental since you were a kid, we probably remember the time you came to fix a […]
One thing that’s sort of funny about seeing regular patients over the years is their nervousness about anesthesia. You might be too young to remember Bill Cosby’s hilarious routine about the dentist (or maybe you do remember), but the first time people get a little slurry because of some lidocaine prior to fixing a cavity, we still chuckle a little bit. And why not? Anesthetics might leave your face temporarily numb, but they’re nothing serious or worth worrying about.
If you’ve never had local anesthesia during a dental procedure, the most common technique involves injecting your inferior alveolar nerve (a “sweet spot” nerve that numbs the teeth, gums, tongue and lower lip of your lower jawbone) with a local anesthetic like lidocaine, articaine or septocaine. You’ll feel a bit of discomfort from the needle, but the effect is quick, and soon you won’t feel anything but pressure as the dentist gets to work. Sometimes, a dentist will apply a topical anesthetic either in place of the injection or prior to it. Usually, a cotton piece dabbed with benzocaine is used. Following the procedure, you’ll continue to experience numbness in your mouth and lower face for a couple hours—some people drool a little bit, so you might want to keep a napkin handy. And if you do get a topical anesthetic, be sure to remove all the cotton chunks; sometimes a numbed cheek doesn’t tell you there’s still a piece left in there, and biting into cotton is an unpleasant thing to experience.’
By Sara Polito 08 Jun, 2017
Summer officially arrives this month, and while we’re thinking about it, so does Father’s Day, so be sure to take your kids tie shopping, because what would a Father’s Day be if Dad didn’t get a tie? You should also take him out for a steak dinner, or better yet, the dad in your house […]
By Sara Polito 04 May, 2017
Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14. For all you moms out there, it’s a day of honor, where your families (hopefully) treat you like the incredible people you are – maybe you get a nice brunch or dinner, or some cards or your favorite treat. Maybe your kids give you a break from doing laundry […]
By Sara Polito 05 Apr, 2017
If you or a loved one needs another reason to quit smoking, April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and there is a bounty of information on how this particular form of cancer is entirely preventable. Statistically, oral and pharyngeal cancer – the cancers that affect the mouth and upper part of your throat – cause […]
By Sara Polito 02 Mar, 2017
Good news: we can help you with your calculus. Oh, not the kind you take in high school or college – at Goliad Dental, we’ve definitely done enough math in our day, but we’re thankfully far removed from having to take exams – but the kind that builds up on your teeth. Put simply, the […]
By Sara Polito 02 Feb, 2017
Have you come across some useful “life hacks” lately? Whether it’s an innovative way to turn a toilet paper roll into an iPhone speaker or plastic bottles repurposed to wrap up extension cords, life hacks are fun little ways to spruce up your routine and improve your happiness. We’re not as creative as whoever turned […]
By Sara Polito 04 Jan, 2017
It’s 2017, and frankly, we couldn’t be happier – last year was kind of a rough ride at times, but you take the bad with the good, and here at Goliad Dental, we are always looking for the positive things in life. It’s important to find things that make you smile because thinking about them […]
By Sara Polito 08 Dec, 2016
The holidays are all about sharing and giving to others, but it’s also good to treat yourself to a present, especially if you’re in charge of running your family’s holiday show – we know that with all the stress of decorating the house, shopping for gifts, attending pageants, and room-momming parties, you might find yourself […]
By Sara Polito 03 Nov, 2016
Do you get a flu shot every year? Some people don’t, and a lot of these people never get the bug. Maybe these people have really strong immune systems, or maybe they are just always fortunate to avoid contact with contagious people. Or maybe these people who manage to escape the flu without a flu […]
By Sara Polito 05 Oct, 2016
It’s October, and along with the World Series and the start of the NBA season, the month is notable for the party holiday that comes at the end of it – Halloween. While adults certainly enjoy costumed Halloween festivities, the holiday is usually associated with kids tramping around looking for candy. When you run a […]
By Sara Polito 08 Sep, 2016
As if mothers-to-be didn’t have enough to think about already (that baby room wallpaper isn’t going to choose itself, after all), a professor of dental science at Texas A&M says that a child’s dental health actually starts at conception. If you’re an expectant mother before you heave a sigh of “Oy vey!”, what this really […]
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